LAUTH Datenverarbeitung & Programmentwicklung

Root Certificates

Installation/Download of LAUTH Datenverarbeitung CA Certificates

Our certificates are
recognized by 99.3% of browsers.

The installation of LAUTH Datenverarbeitung CA certificates in your browser is a precondition for convenient and trustworthy Internet communication. Thus, you can trust communication partners who have a our certificate.

The following root certificates may be downloaded and used without an agreement with us:

LAUTH Root Certification Authority
Download             (Base-64 encoded X.509)
Download             (DER encoded X.509)

Organization:         LAUTH Datenverarbeitung 
                      und Programmentwicklung

Serial Number:        350edaa0 61ea14a8 49353dbf d3c73bf1
Valid from:           Sunday, 31. May 2009 01:20:01
Valid until:          ?Friday, ?31. ?May ?2041 01:29:57
Namehash    (SHA1):   08f74008 c9a2e13c 1e121431 f5bd785d 55da0aac
Fingerprint (SHA1):   ?61dabf05 95ffe7db f4d992ff 82b4c88a 90172104
Key Length:           4096

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